"Thank you GFRIEND" GFRIEND NFT special complete set
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Auction Dates:07/2021/25 20:00~08/2021/01 20:05

"Only one" item limited in the world! The ultimate NFT set auction including all of GFRIEND!
Serial number "1" will be yours forever!

-All Japanese edition Singles ([MEMORIA], [SUNRISE], [FLOWER])
-Japanese edition Album ([Fallin' Light])
-MV ([MEMORIA], [SUNRISE], [FLOWER], [Fallin' Light])
-Bonus footages ([SUNRISE -JP ver.- (MV Making Movie)], [FLOWER (MV Making Movie)], [GFRIEND spring tour 2019 ""BLOOM"" LIVE DIGEST])
-GFRIEND Logo (1 item)
-Single jacket photos (12 items: First edition A/B / Normal edition / WEB edition)
-Album jacket photos (3 items: First edition / Normal edition / WEB edition)
-All members solo photos (24 items)
-All members photos (4 items)

*Products shall be delivered to customers whose payments are completed, after closing the auction. It may take some time before delivery depending on the time of your payment.

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A girls group consisting of 6 members, Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, Sinbi, and Umji, who made their debut in Korea in 2015. The group's GFRIEND contains the wishes of "a dear girlfriend for men," "a best friend for women who can confide everything," and "I want to be with everyone with music like a friend I'm always with."

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