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365 Days Paper Airplane & Okuru Kotoba covered by MIHARU
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Cover Song #1:
365 Days Paper Airplane / AKB48
Composer: Toshikazu Kadono and Hiroki Aoba
Lyricist: Yasushi Akimoto

Cover Song #2:
Okuru Kotoba / Kaientai
Composer: Kazuomi Chiba
Lyricist: Tetsuya Takeda

Cover Music Resource Created by : Takeaki Tsuchiya (@tuchiya_konsome)
Cover Music Sound Mix Created by : Takeaki Tsuchiya (@tuchiya_konsome)

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Release Date:04/2022/03 20:00
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Label:The NFT Records Audition Finalists
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The NFT Records Graduation Song Audition 2022 Finalist.

Birthplace: Hiroshima prefecture
Has been fascinated by expressing things such as singing, dancing, and musicals since childhood.

Lead vocalist of dance performance unit "SpininGReen".
Taking advantage of her range of expression, her past activities are diverse from music, dance to modeling.

Main appearances:
-Bentley Press Release
-Mizuno Thermal Hoodie "Kiru Kokage" CF
-"Syabu-Syabu Onyasai" Web Cm
-Nippon Television Network "Baguette" VTR
and others

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