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365 Days Paper Airplane / Funabashi Himawari Musume
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Funabashi Himawari Musume's Comment
This is our most favorite song in AKB48.
We sang in "Funabashi Himawari Musume" style.
Please enjoy our "365 Nichi no Kamihikouki"!

Cover Song:
365 Days Paper Airplane / AKB48
Composer: Toshikazu Kadono and Hiroki Aoba
Lyricist: Yasushi Akimoto

Cover Music Resource Created by : Takeaki Tsuchiya (@tuchiya_konsome)
Cover Music Sound Mix Created by : Kazunari Maeda (@kazunari_maeda)

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Label:The NFT Records Audition Finalists
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Funabashi Himawari Musume

The NFT Records Spring Song Audition 2022 Finalist.

Based on the concept of a local idol in Funabashi, we promote and disseminate in various activities based in Funabashi, an attractive location with rich nature.
The members are Hinano, Nina, and Ami.
Each member has experience in musicals and theatrical performances, and is also an experienced ballet player.
Performance incorporating singing and ballet of such members is our strong suit.
Actor Shuji Kashiwabara and ISAKICK from 175R are our sound producers.

Please come and visit our live performance!
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