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Sora mo Toberuhazu / Lionman
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Lionman's Comment
I added my own essence to cover this Spitz's song, without changing the quality of the original song.
Noticing and being impressed by the wonderful melody and the simple orchestra during the recording, I enjoyed singing.
I hope this "Lionman version" will reach many people.

Cover Song:
Sora mo Toberuhazu / SPITZ
Composer: Masamune Kusano
Lyricist: Masamune Kusano

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Release Date:05/2022/09 20:00
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Label:The NFT Records Audition Finalists
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The NFT Records Spring Song Audition 2022 Finalist.

25-year-old singer song writer living in Tokyo.
The name "Lionman" comes from the oldest sculpture of mankind, "Lion-man," and is the reminiscent of desire to create a "remaining song" that will not fade over time.
Learned classical piano from the first grade of elementary school up to junior high school, then started singing songs he composed by piano from high school.
After graduating from high school, he enrolled in a music vocational school in Osaka, where he acquired expertise in voice training, guitar, drums, bass, and DTM.
Inspired by his favorite "HAPPY END" and "Tatsuro Yamashita".
He is also a sportsman who enjoys playing tennis on holidays.