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[NFT Limited Set] TOKUSATSU Boyz new single "10000000000years" with NFT limited jacket and unreleased recording movie, only 50 set on sale
50 item(s) limited 3,000 JPY [税込]

Member comments:
This is the second NFT pre-sales of TOKUSATSU Boyz new single!
Same as last time, the set includes jacket only made for this NFT and an unreleased recording movie.
You can only see this special movie in this set! Please check it out!

Lylics: Yuichi Imagawa, Ryo Kikuchi
Composition and arrangement: etoyuma

・"10000000000years" Pre-sales sound source
・NFT limited jacket
・Recording movie

Quantity on Sale:50 item(s) limited
Sales Method:Drop
Release Date:05/2022/25 03:40
Sold:06/2022/23 20:00
Label:Yatsurugi damashii
Tokusatsu Boyz

「特撮ヒーロー」をモチーフとしたメンズパフォーマンスユニット『特撮Boyz』 ファンの方々の悩みや不安と戦い、元気を与える「ファンのためのヒーロー」 歌・ダンス・舞台・アクション・映像などなど、様々なパフォーマンスを行う。