50 item(s) limited
Nicori Light Tours "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" Special NFT - Quantities Limited
50 item(s) limited 10,000 JPY [税込]

1. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" 8/25 Streaming Edition (Pre-stream)
2. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" αyumu Only Singing ver,
3. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" ko-hei Only Singing ver,
4. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" you, kiyo Singing ver,
5. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" Instrumental ver,
6. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" Instrumental Guitar Up ver,
7. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" Instrumental Keyboard Up ver,
8. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" All members song-commentary movie
9. "Sin Love~A Summer with You~" Data of jacket photo with autograph
10. Right to credit your user name to the album jacket (planned release this autumn)

In addition, #11 shall come together as "All items completed" reward for Nicori Light Tours 7 consecutive months’ NFTs. (Only becomes effective by collecting all seven products)

11. NFT continuous purchase reward (Right to participate limited live concert)

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Release Date:08/2022/14 20:00
Sold:08/2022/23 20:00
Nicori Light Tours

Announced their debut on August 13th, 2021.
Formed by you (Gt) and kiyo (Key), former members of visual rock band "Janne Da Arc", debut in 1999 and made numerous hits including "Gekkouka", as main members.
A rock band that has established a new style by completing lyrics ahead of tunes for all pieces, together with new two male vocalists having completely different characters: ayumu (Vo), with reputation for hightoned voice, and ko-hei (Vo) with beautiful features and sweet voice charming every listener.
Planning to release music streaming on every 25th (Nicori Day) from March to September, 2022.