uruwashi/ (限定版)N.S.L「NEO SOUL LUSH」(Live Session)&NFT ART
3,000 JPY [税込]

Sound source of live session recorded in in Shibuya B.Y.G on November 3rd (Thu) 2022.
Please enjoy the fusion of uruwashi's chilling, neo-souled beat play and live performance.

*Attached: Live session music source and special movie of uruwashi's selected works
One from monthly released songs provided to the jacket artist Riee. ka will be attached as a set.

[N.SL member]
(Music Producer, Beatmaker)
●Yuya Kumagai(THE NAAV)
●Masahiro Gotoh(AWSM.)

[Planning] Directed by KALAN
[Organization] Meguro Aoneko
(Film Director)

Sales Method:Pre-order Sales
Pre-order Period:11/2022/03 03:30-12/2022/11 18:59

uruwashi is a Japanese producer who expresses his emotions by music. His music brings nostalgic vibes and makes you feel emotional.
His single “Fall in Love” is a #1 spot on Japanese YouTube Channel called “Tower doors” in early 2021.
Also he was picked up by Spotify Official Playlist’s cover “Soul Music Japan” in January of 2022 and become one of the best artists in Chillhop scene in Japan.
Currently, he’s reached more than 700k streams on Apple Music.

Chill, Neosoul, RnB, Afrobeats, Nujazz