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Dear you.
The room where you left is the same as it was when you were there, just without you.
Nevertheless, the years have passed and we have grown older, and perhaps because of that, the expressions in the photographs I see each time seem to be somehow different, which is strange.
You were smiling today.
Dear you, who always affirmed who I am today.
Please watch the true happiness that I have found.
Here I will send my thoughts and thanks to you, in a song.
I hope that this song will be a seasonal BGM to the listeners as the warm winter is approaching.

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Cape of good hope

A band, unit or a solo artist? A mysterious organism whose nationality is not even revealed.
The song sang by the female vocalist is in Japanese lyrics written from the point of view of an innocent child, and is rich in messages that push the backs of listeners who are trying to live better in modern society.
It is difficult to explain the sound which in addition to the melody line that follows the J-POP scene, skillfully incorporates elements such as R&B, JAZZ, and HIPHOP overseas.
Right now, we can only understand this phenomenon by applying it to the alternative genre. Just kidding.