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Me singing the "Last Christmas/Wham!" covered by Koh
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Me singing the "Last Christmas" covered by Koh
"Last Christmas" - original song by Wham!

December 15th is my birthday.
And this song was released on the same date.
So I chose this song, and I like the melody too.

Thank you for listening!

Cover Music Resource Created by : Takeaki Tsuchiya (@tuchiya_konsome)
Cover Music Sound Mix Created by : HIRO (@hiromixP)

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Release Date:12/2021/23 19:00
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Label:The NFT Records Audition Finalists

The NFT Records Christmas Song Audition 2021 Finalist.

Born in 2012.
Started English from 0 years old and violin from 4 years old.
Recently, Koh became interested in singing. This audition is his 1st trial.

Future activities are still undecided.