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Awatenbo no Santa Claus song by Aoi
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I tried the audition for the first time. My name is Aoi.
I'm usually crazy about dancing.
Recently, I've been attracted by K-POP.
I wanted to be able to sing as well as dance, so I sang.

I asked H&N to sing along with me because I wanted to make this song more fun.
I would be happy if the whole family could smile.

Awatenbo no Santa Claus (Hurry Santa Claus)
Lyrics by Osamu Yoshioka
Composer Asei Kobayashi
Thank you for the wonderful song.

Cover Music Resource Created by : Takeaki Tsuchiya (@tuchiya_konsome)
Cover Music Sound Mix Created by : Tokky (@tokky_T_)

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Release Date:12/2021/23 19:00
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Label:The NFT Records Audition Finalists
Aoi with H&N

The NFT Records Christmas Song Audition 2021 Finalist.

Born in 2013.
A girl who loves K-POP and wishing to be like them.
This is her 1st trial for Song Audition.