In 1981, Munetaka Higuchi (ds), Akira Takasaki (g), Minoru Niihara (vocals), and Masayoshi Yamashita (b) formed "LOUDNESS". A number of legends are born from the release of the first album "The Birth Eve-THE BIRTHDAY EVE" that shakes the Japanese hard rock scene and showing an overwhelming live performance at the debut concert at Asakusa International Theater. become. After that, LOUDNESS, who had been active in Japan, toured the West Coast of the United States and Europe for the first time in July 1983, and the live caught the eyes of the people involved in Atlantic Records in the United States, and Japan. It will be the first worldwide multi-card contract for the band. The memorable worldwide release of the album "THUNDER IN THE EAST" recorded 74th place, which is unusual for a Japanese band on the chart of the American "Billboard magazine", for 19 consecutive weeks from the chart in. I kept charting in. And on the US tour with Motley Crue, he achieved the feat of standing on the stage of Madison Square Garden, the first Japanese band. The following album "LIGHTNING STRIKES" recorded 64th place in Billboard magazine, surpassing the previous work, and continues to be active both in Japan and abroad, but in December 1988, Niihara announced his withdrawal. From there, he repeated several member changes, including an American vocalist, but in 2000, he reunited with the original lineup and released the album "SPIRITUAL CANOE". The fans went crazy for the loudness that came back after a nationwide tour. As if to fill in the blank, he continues his angry release rush and energetic live activities, but after releasing ALBUM "METAL MAD", Munetaka Higuchi takes a rest for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma. After a harsh fight against illness for the next six months, Munetaka Higuchi died at the young age of 49 due to hepatocellular carcinoma at 10:44 am on November 30, the same year. After that, Suzuki "Anpan" Masayuki was welcomed as a successor drummer, and the band continued its activities without a break. In 2013, in order to concentrate on music activities with a more rock-solid system, he launched Katana Music, which will be his own management & label, and in 2014, released the album "THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN" from Universal. Not only releases and domestic tours, but also various overseas festivals will call out. The results of traveling to European metal festivals every summer have been fruitful year by year, and in January 2018, the new album "RISE TO GLORY -8118-" was released worldwide for the first time in four years, and received the maximum evaluation in each country. At the timing of the tour, drummer Suzuki collapses due to a cerebral infarction. After that, the band hurriedly welcomed Ryuichi Nishida as a support drummer and decided to go on a domestic tour from spring, and in the summer, energetically ran around the world with a European tour including a large festival and a Korean festival appearance after a long time. rice field. And on the final day of "METAL WEEKEND" which was held for 4 days at Zepp Diver Cuty in September, Suzuki also appeared on the stage for the first time in 9 months, and although there was only one song, it was a lively appearance playing the drums and a complete return. He declared on stage that he would do his best even if it took a long time, and at the end of the year, "Rock Beats Cancer Vol.6" showed the fans the recovery behavior with the performance of 5 songs. In 2019, the band will continue to support Nishida as a support drummer, and will continue to work energetically with the Australian tour, which will be the first landing in May, the Japan tour, and the TUSKA FESTIVAL to be held in Finland in June, and Suzuki will return. We will continue to protect the places where we come, so I would like all the fans to keep an eye on us.

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