Q:About Pre-order Sales
a:-Products can be reserved only during the Pre-order Sales period.
-Payment shall be made by credit card at the time of reservation.
-Certificate shall be issued within 24 hours from the end of Pre-order period.
-Please note that it may take some time for the actual Product to reach your "My Collection".
-Only the number of products reserved during the period will be sold. For example, if the number of reservations is 1732, only 1732 items will be sold, and basically the same items shall not be sold later.

Q:About a Ranking Auction
a:A Ranking Auction is an auction in which the top bidders (in descending order of bid amount) can purchase multiple items for a predetermined period.
For example, in the case of a ranking auction with 10 items listed, the top 10 bidders will have the right to purchase them.

[Procedure for participating in Ranking Auction]
1. Start of Ranking Auction
2. Bid
3. End with your bid amount in the rank
4. Successful bid
5. Payment
6. Item delivery

3. Bid amount ends out of rank
4. No successful bid

-The NFT Records provides services to customers in multiple countries, but the basic currency shall be one type for each auction (USD, JPY, etc.).
-If you bid in a currency other than the key currency, please bid at the rate calculated at the time of the auction. Please note that the amount may vary depending on the currency used.
-The minimum bidding unit differs depending on each currency (USD: 1 $ unit, JPY: 100 yen unit)
-For customers who are determined to be fraudulent, we may be invalidate the bid without notification.
-You cannot bid for less than the amount you have already bid (including the same amount).
-Even if the bid amount is less than the maximum bid amount of other customers, it is possible to bid if it is not the same price as other customers who have already bid.
(Ex.) If bid is already done for 1,000 yen for the 1st place and 800 yen for the 2nd place, you can bid for 900 yen. You cannot bid for 800 yen since it is already bid.
-If your bid rank changes, you shall be notified by the registration email.
-If the highest bidder is replaced 5 minutes before the end of the auction, the bid end time will be extended by 5 minutes.
-It will take a certain period of time to confirm the final successful bidder.
-When the auction ends and the final successful bidder is confirmed, a notification email shall be sent to all successful bidders.
・ After the successful bid is confirmed, all non-Japanese customers shall be asked for payment by credit card.
-If you are a Japanese customer and the winning bid amount is less than 100,000 yen (tax included), we will make a one-time payment with a credit card.
-If you are a Japanese customer and the winning bid is 110,000 yen (tax included) or more, you will be required to pay a deposit of 110,000 yen with a credit card.
Once the deposit has been paid, please transfer the balance to our designated bank account within 7 days. Purchase is completed only after the transfer is completed.
-It may take some time to issue the A Trust certificate.
-Once the certificate is issued, the product will be displayed in your "My Collection".
-The account number displayed then will be assigned to each payment, so if you do not make the transfer within the specified period, the account will be invalid.

Q:About regular products
a:-Payment can only be made by credit card.
-A Trust Certificate will be issued on completion of payment.
-The Product will be listed in your "My Collection" once the Certificate is issued.
-The payment currencies supported by The NFT Records are USD, JPY, and KRW, but the currencies that can actually be used differ depending on each product.
-Please note that there shall be some time lag after clicking "Purchase" and actual purchase of the Product.

Q:About SMS Authentication
a:-The NFT Records implements SMS Authentication to protect the security of our customers.
-The same phone number cannot be used by multiple accounts.

Q:How to enjoy purchased product(s)
a:The purchased product will be stored in "My Collection" in "My Page" when it is confirmed that the credit card payment has been completed and the certificate has been issued. Please enjoy all digital contents from My Collection.