B/ue x Sangjin x Hawool

A Korean artist, producer and composer-B/ue as the core, Sangjin-previous member of K-POP idol group "SEED" three members, and Hawool, a Korean artist as well as a producer and voice trainer of K-POP idols-Hawool gathered for their first collaboration piece.
Both B/ue and Sangjin were member of "SEED", the group that has great contribution to the Korean K-POP idol culture development in Shin-Okubo.
Current "Ikemen street" in Shin-Okubo was named from the popularity "there are good-looking boys on the street", when the two were on the street for advertisements of their live concerts.
B/ue and Hawool takes the lead vocal, and Sangjin sings the rap.

A K-POP artist live concert event sponsored by this collaboration group will be held at Shin-Okubo SHOWBOX on August 28th.
*Purchasers of NFT released on June 30th shall be granted with invitation ticket of this event.

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