Manako (Vo) / Tsukasa (Gt) / KO-01 (Ba) / KENT (Dr)
Since appearing in the last scene of "YouTube Rewind", which has more than 100 million views every year, the internet's charismatic "Manako", who continues to attract attention on the Internet and SNS with her beauty and dance / singing skills, A new band started with KENT (Dr) from Winking Owl and Tsukasa (Gt) from kalmia.
The 1st single "Holiday" was released on March 3, 2021, and the 1st live performance held in March of the same year, which was the first one-man, sold out immediately. Meet Up With You” released. Successfully completed two tours in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and will continue to release digital singles in 2022.
At the 6/3 @ Shibuya duo performance, it was announced that Ba & Key's Eiji would leave the group and GLORY HILL / MIRA's KO-01 would join.
In October 2022, MANAKO 1st NFT "Back in the Past" will be released prior to the release of the 2nd EP "Back in the Past", which will be the first physical work after the new system.

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