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PE:PO 3rd Digital Single "Uchira ga anta wo koutei suru" NFT PACK
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"Uchira ga anta wo koutei suru" Music Resource
"Uchira ga anta wo koutei suru" Instrumental version
"Uchira ga anta wo koutei suru" Playing and Talking Demo version
"Uchira ga anta wo koutei suru" Digital Special Card

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Release Date:04/2022/15 04:00
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Label:IKmusic Records (NFT)

A three-member vocal unit mainly active in Tokyo.

Although each member having abilities to work as solo singers, they formed "PE:PO" to pursue for "the power of songs".

Their activities started from the solo performance in Shinjuku ReNY, only 3 months after uniting.

Not only the harmony of three splendid tunes and certain musicability, but also their friendly character shall surely offer you a blissful time full of laughter and tears!

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