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Limited NFT of "Critical Hit" Demo Sang by Leo Kageyama
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Limited NFT of "Critical Hit" demo version sang by Leo Kageyama.
Leo Kageyama who wrote and composed the song, sings full chorus.
This demo version will be on sale this time only.

About the demo sound source
Please note this demo sound source is a sound source recorded in the production process, which shall differ from the product version of the sound source.

Also please note this item is limited to 1 item per account.

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Release Date:05/2022/14 04:00
Sold:06/2022/14 04:00
Label:Yatsurugi damashii
Leo Kageyama / TOKUSATSU Boyz

Leo Kageyama / TOKUSATSU Boyz Profile
Birthday: November 11th
Birthplace: Gifu prefecture
Hobby: Playing musical instruments
Motto: I'll do anything, with my spirit!
Twitter : @kageyama_leo