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Nick Hissom(ニック・ヒッソム) FAST LIFE Special remix + music video + 10 pictures and digitally signed picture
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Nick Hissom(ニック・ヒッソム) FAST LIFE
A set of special remix + music video + 10 pictures and digitally signed picture.
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Release Date:09/2023/06 20:00
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Label:The NFT Records
Nick Hissom

Date of Birth: July 4 1992
• Height: 184.4cm
• Weight: 73.3kg
• Hometown: London, United Kingdom & Palm Beach, FL, USA
• Hobbies: video games, movies, music, dancing, skiing, fitness
• Favorite things: traveling, friends, sweets, beaches, theme parks
• Special Skills: singing, songwriting, performing, jokes, parties

Artist, model, and American-British luxury art curator NICK HISSOM exploded onto the scene after Philippine BoyLuv idol Christian Antolin shared Nick's modeling photos on his Facebook page to over 5 million followers.
Now taking the internet and Asia by storm, NICK HISSOM is the first Western BoyLuv Idol to release music in Japan and Asia.

Inspired by his upbringing in London, England, as well as his time spent performing in America's legendary Las Vegas nightclub scene (Nick's Stepfather is famous casino developer Steve Wynn of Wynn Hotels) - NICK got his start in music as a vocalist working with famous DJs. His music is high energy dance/pop that celebrates a jet-set lifestyle, and is plenty of fun!

Cool, effortless, and free! NICK HISSOM encourages people to be who they most authentically are - unapologetically! In his upcoming single "FAST LIFE", NICK sings confidently about travel, boys, and partying all over the world. "FAST LIFE" is releasing September 8th 2023 on Warner Music Japan.

NICK's second single, "Sweet Like Candy (Oishiso!)" is a collaboration with #1 chart topping DJ SHUM, and will release November 2023. Handsome and sweet, NICK's charming and worldly personality have earned him a legion of fans online, while his lifestyle is a real life BoyLuv fantasy. NICK's debut EP is slated for January 2024.