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1st Single "Terror" Release Celebration NFT
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We "Burst into Bloom" debut on stage at the graduation ceremony of Miss iD 2022. "Terror" is a song full of various emotions and messages, since it was originally an assigned song for our member's audition held at the beginning of 2022.
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Terror Sound Resourcs
Commentary Video from Burst into Bloom
Right to put purchaser's name on Music Video and SNSs (timing depends)
Members' autographed lylic card with your name on (to be sent separately/domestic only)

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Burst into Bloom

An idol group by three members: NANA, Lilly and Michelle.
Group name "Burst into Bloom" was named after their wish to "bloom in this difficult world". Their dance music is made of solid, high-sound-pressured meta music and catchy melodies.
Debut piece "Terror" was written by Neko Oikawa, famous for writing the theme song for Neon Genesis Evangelion "A Cruel Angel's Thesis"; composed by Jessy, the general producer of the group with music career in LA; and sound arranged by Jamba, who was nominated for the Grammy Award in the past.
A strong message to break the stereotype and express themselves are behind the catchy melody and dance music with sound pressure.