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【Limited Edition】Cutemen 30th Anniversary Best "CM30" NFT Special Pack
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1. Album Music
Celebration - Album Remaster
Born To Love You - Edit
SyumatsuDokei - Album Remaster
The Light - Album Remaster
Forever - Album Remaster
Cucumber - Album Remaster
Sympathizer - Album Remaster
Hurt Me - Album Remaster
Fish - Album Remaster
Time Rider - Album Remaster
2121 - Album Remaster
Hometown Sea - Album Remaster

2. 30th Special Designed T-shirt
3. Autographed artist photo

※T-shirts will be produced in limited quantities and will be delivered in mid-January 2022.
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Label:22nd Century Tunes

Two-piece techno-synth pop unit, Cutemen consists of: CMJK, key player in the 90s' Japanese techno scene and now active in the entire J-POP scene, producing lyrics and arrangements for numerous artists, and Picorin, vocalist with "voice chosen from electronic music".
The 30th anniversary album “Humanity” (2016) was released after their reunion.
12 songs from albums “Exhibition Of Love & Desire” (2017), “2121” (2020) and “Covers & Mellow Tunes 2” (2021) have been remastered for Cutemen 30th Anniversary Best “CM30”, which will be released on November 24th.
“Love On The Beach”, the first piece of their 30th Anniversary Singles will be released on November 24th, the same day as the album. This work is a modern update of THE Eighties sound, giving off a scent of “Synthwave / Retrowave”, currently hot in Europe and the United States with resort-like lyrics in an urban funk / city pop sound, completed as their ambitious work.
However, the narration “Welcome to this virtual beach”, the axis of SF-like Cutemen is alive and well. This piece will surely be a present of “endless summer” from Cutemen to people who missed the chance to enjoy summer for two years in a row.
And the 30th Anniversary Singles are passed on to the second piece “Kiss In A Flying Cab” released on January 26, 2022. These two singles will be the lead singles from the sixth full-length album “Goodbye Real World” scheduled to be released in the spring of 2022.